2015 Top Plays

This year has been a tremendous year for plays. I’ll list my top “ten” plays that I’ve seen in Chicago, New York, and London. These are the plays that I’ve judged as an “A” play on my unofficial list. Enjoy! In chronological order of seeing them: Waiting for Godot, Court Theater Godot is one of […]

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Top Books of 2015

Since it is nearing the end of the year, I’m going to spend a few blog posts talking about the best media I’ve read/seen this year. It won’t be a top ten list because some media will have more than 10 and some will have fewer. From these lists, I will exclude movies and books […]

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Jane Addams Day 2015: Recap

AAUW’s Jane Addams Day 2015 was wondrous. I couldn’t be happier with the event. This year, we decided to have the incredible singer and songwriter Kristin Lems as the star of the show. Kristin Lems has a play with songs (as she would put it) about the life of Jane Addams. She and her mother, […]

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Thoughts about Jane Addams Day

AAUW’s Jane Addams Day 2015 is Saturday, December 5th. This year, we are featuring the amazing Kristin Lems who will sing songs about Jane Addams while she and her mother talk about their family’s amazing personal history with Jane Addams and Hull House. “Jane Addams” herself—that’s me—will also give a speech. This year, Jane will […]

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