France and England: Part 2

The second day of the trip was dedicated to exploration. One of the reasons that we like to stay in Nice is that we can rent a car and travel to areas around it. We are close to the mountains and many artistic hotspots. A lot of artists spent time in the French Riviera and […]

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France and England: Part 1

Now I’m going to catch up to our trip over Christmas in France and England. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll discuss our many adventures with castles, art, and food. Our first stop on the trip was to Nice, France. It’s a lovely city on the Mediterranean so it has much more temperate weather […]

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Christmas in NYC: Part 2

The next day began with a stroll down 5th avenue to see all the Christmas lights. We started at our favorite place for Christmas windows: Bergdorf Goodman. The way I describe the fancy department store is that it will be the first place destroyed when the revolution comes. It’s where you can find handbags for […]

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Christmas in NYC: Part 1

Back in November, we had a lovely brief trip to NYC. We spent about two days there enjoying NYC in Christmas time and its many cultural offerings. In the next few posts, I’ll talk about our adventures. NYC is wonderful during Christmas time. There’s so many over the top Christmas decorations on Fifth Avenue and […]

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Honeymoon: Part 11

Then it was the last day of our honeymoon. But we made the best of it! We started the morning at the British Library, another beloved institution, to check out their free exhibition on animals in literature. The show talked about the various books and other paper artifacts that featured animals, such as Aesop’s Fables […]

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Honeymoon: Part 10

Our first full day in London! Woohoo! We started the day with my favorite museum in the London and the world: the British Museum. I have loved the institution throughout my life and it seems to get stronger more and more with each passing year. Yes, I know that the museum has a troubled history […]

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Honeymoon: Part 9

And then it was our last day in Scotland. But we were on our way to London! And it so happened to be my birthday. A great coincidence! We woke up in our magnificent room with the sun streaming in. All around the castle were gardens leading into brilliant green nature. I felt a little […]

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Honeymoon: Part 8

Good day readers! I’m back. I’ve been on a lovely trip to France and England, which I will recount shortly. However, I’m still writing on the adventures of our honeymoon. I’ll start up where I took off on the Isle of Skye. It’s been a busy couple of months so posting has been less frequent […]

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