Honeymoon: Part 10

Our first full day in London! Woohoo!

We started the day with my favorite museum in the London and the world: the British Museum. I have loved the institution throughout my life and it seems to get stronger more and more with each passing year. Yes, I know that the museum has a troubled history of accession and treatment of antiquities that were taken from their places of origins. I will say in it’s defense: the artifacts are free to see, which is incredible compared to museums elsewhere), and it is neat to see how one civilization is similar to another. I love how I can wonder so easily from Ancient Greece to Ancient Egypt to Ancient Assyria in only a few steps.

We said hello to our favorites in the Egyptian gallery. I glimpsed the Rosetta Stone between the hoards taking photos of the stone between heads of other folks taking pictures… We also spent time in the old fashioned galleries that talks a bit about the history of the museum. The walls were covered in books (with a secret door!) and the cases had items from the original collections that founded the museum. There were objects from Captain Cook and Sir Hans Sloane. I love how the cases will bring together items from several cultures and talk about the similarities between them, such as shoes or G-ds. I’ve grown fonder and fonder of this gallery with time since I find history of accession to be fascinating.

Then it was time to become a groundling. The Globe Theater was putting on Richard II, one of my favorite Shakespearean histories. We had the opportunity to be a groundling for a whole £5 and we took it. (I had the thrilling experience of calling the Globe Theater via Skype a week earlier to book the tickets. Woohoo!) So if you don’t mind standing for 2+ hours, you can be a groundling with a really great view of the stage. And it was totally worth it. The play was well done; it showed the downfall of a truly terrible king. It was beautiful.

View of stage as a Groundling

Later that day, we had dinner at the Simpsons on the Strand, a treat for our honeymoon. My husband, a fake English Explorer Extraordinarie, had never gone to Simpsons, a real classic British restaurant. So I decided that it was time to rectify that wrong. Scott got Beef Welligton (seemed appropriate) and I had the carved meat. A silver topped cart is rolled over and you can tell the server what cut you want. It was a lovely meal in the beautiful wood paneled room with a pianist. I learned later that I had committed a bit of a faux pas. One is supposed to tip the man who carves your meat. Eep! So, if you go to Simpsons in the future and get the carved meat, give him a pound or two. Oh well!

That’s all for now!


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