Honeymoon: Part 11

Then it was the last day of our honeymoon. But we made the best of it!

We started the morning at the British Library, another beloved institution, to check out their free exhibition on animals in literature. The show talked about the various books and other paper artifacts that featured animals, such as Aesop’s Fables and other animal-centric texts. They also had a series of recordings where you could hear T.S. Eliot recite one of his poems from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, which was simply delightful.

Afterwards, we ventured to other side of the Thames to meet a friend of the family for lunch. The trip over there made me realize how little I know the Southbank. With the exception of the Globe, I hadn’t been on the Southbank in years. It was amazing to see the amount of building over there. We wandered into a small covered mall with this incredible boat sculpture fountain in the middle. The boat had a wonderful steampunk vibe to it. In addition to this self-rowing boat, there were some humorous pokes at public sculpture. There were bronze plaques on the sides but the wording was rubbed out. It’s so new that it was clearly intentional. Here was a sculpture with a story but not one that the artist wanted to share with the audience.


Crazy Living Boat Sculpture

We wandered over the Tower Bridge, which was fairly neat. Again, it’s something we so rarely do! We found ourselves in a part of London that I really wasn’t familiar with. There were various canals with boats. One of them was the gilded boat of Queen Elizabeth for her Jubilee. It’s really impressive! Clearly, next time we need to spend more time exploring new parts of London.


As another treat for our honeymoon, we ventured to the Savoy Hotel for high tea. Again, this was a result of my speech on the Savoy in the prior year. I was keen to try it out in the hallowed halls of the Savoy. I even brought a special hat for our tea. Of course. The setting was astonishingly beautiful. There was a pianist (of course). The wait staff couldn’t have been nicer and obliging. That made a lot of sense since the Savoy really helped to define luxury service in hospitality in its history. The food and tea service itself was okay. I was hoping for more given the decor and level of service. But the scones were rock solid. So boo. I’m glad that we did it but I don’t think I need to do it again. In comparison with Fortnum & Mason’s tea, I think Fortnum has better food even if the service and decor isn’t as good as the Savoy;s. But at the end of the day, food is king.

The Savoy Tea Room

We spent several hours wandering around Barnaby street trying to walk off the immense amount of food and tea we had consumed at tea. It used to be the site of rebel culture but now you’ll find an American Apparel there. It does have some interesting places still but the edge is now blunted. Finally, we ended up at an Indian restaurant for our final meal. It was pretty good, a nice change from pub food!

So thus ended our honeymoon.

But not our travels! Next up will be our trip to NYC in Thanksgiving. Fun with Christmas decorations and museum exhibitions!

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