China and Cambodia: Part 7

And then it was our last day in Shanghai. We had a early evening flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia. So we had to make the best of our last day there: more art!

We dragged our suitcases through town to go to the Rockbund Museum, another contemporary art space. They were kind enough to keep our bags behind the front counter as we explored. They had an exhibition of 11 artists from all over Asia called “Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative.” I really liked a few of the pieces. One was a video installation of ancient artifacts being lit up by firecrackers. It was wonderfully spooky and surreal. The piece was “Fireworks” by Apicahtpong Weerasethakul. Another piece by Au Sow-Yee was about a fictional movie studio in the jungle with an archive of ephemera including advertisements to go along with it. The artifacts even had index cards that you could flip through. It was called “The Kris Project I:  The Never-ending Tale of Maria, Tin Mines, Spices and Harimau.”

On the very top of the museum, there was a little deck with a partial view of the river. We could see parts of the skyline peeking over the buildings in front. We also could see a building that was in the process of being torn down save for the facade. We enjoyed eating our Chinese candy that we had gotten at a store in the Oriental Pearl while watching boats pass. I always need to remember how nice it is to slow down and observe the world around me.


Before we went off to the airport, we stopped by Yu Gardens area again to walk down Old Street. I wanted to do a little bit more shopping before we went. Old Street is so much  more pleasant than the area closer to Yu Gardens! But Qibao was best of all for shopping for souvenirs. So much less bustle!

Before we stepped on the train to get to the airport, we got passport photos for our visas for Cambodia. We did one of those photobooths in the station. Boy, was my heart slick back from the sweat!

It was a jaunt of the subway, involving a change even though we were on the right line. At the airport, it was pretty painless. We had a spot of dinner of an Udon soup that was pretty good.

And then we were off to Cambodia. It was a longer flight than we had originally expected. Over 5.5 hours. There was some prank show on the tvs overhead which was sort of hormusifying.

When we landed in Cambodia, we were astonished by the beautiful airport. Wooden roof with giant statues of Buddha everywhere. Crickets jumped all around us. Getting our visa was easy; we just bought it before going through customs. The hotel we were staying at had a driver waiting (with bottles of water).

We decided to stay at the Golden Temple Hotel. It was the best choice. When we got there, we were greeted with cold towels, refreshing drinks, warm sticky rice wrapped in leaves, and sugared peanuts. They also handed us a local phone if we needed it. We got coupons for a free 60 minute massage, snacks, and one free meal. We felt like queens.


We arranged to get a very early start so we could see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. 4:30 wake up!

That’s all for now!


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