Philadelphia and Brooklyn: Part 2

Then it was the crazy part of the trip: our day trip to Brooklyn. In 2015, I had the pleasure of going to the site immersive production Sleep No More in Manhattan. It was one of the best theater events I’ve ever been to. To summarize it briefly: it’s like a haunted house where there is a play going on. You wander where you will. I learned earlier this year that there was a similar thing in Brooklyn called Then She Fell, based on the life of Lewis Carroll and his creation Alice in Wonderland. I was hooked. However, every time we went to NYC, the play was sold out. So we made the decision that we’ll go to Philadelphia but take a day trip to Brooklyn to see the play.

We decided to make a day of it. We drove to Brooklyn and got in around 1pm. The trip itself was pretty painless. Lots of NJ Turnpike. One of the rest stops had a candy store where you could buy candy by the ounce. It was amazing. I wish this was everywhere! We drove through a lot of Brooklyn, which was fascinating. As someone who has spent most of their time in NY in NYC or Long Island, Brooklyn was larger than I expected!

One of the things I wanted to do was take a graffiti art tour of Bushwick. So we drove there directly. What a beautiful place! There are beautiful pieces everywhere, the most I’d ever seen in one spot. We had a quick lunch of coal fire pizza in the area, which was tasty.

The tour itself was extremely disappointing. Our tour guide barely took us around the block. He would mention a piece from afar but didn’t actually take us to see the piece. It also was exacerbated by the fact that it was cold and windy day so standing still for 40 minutes was really bad. I had expected a lot more from this tour company; we had taken a tour of the Bowery and East Village in September that was great. This was honestly one of the worst tours I’d been on. We ended up wandering around the neighborhood some more and saw really astonishing works.

Our next stop was the Brooklyn Art Museum, which was really awesome. I didn’t know this until we were looking at a map that Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. I had never thought I’d see it person. What a treat! Each table setting is dedicated to an amazing woman. The level of detail was pretty astonishing. This was really the icing on the cake!

The museum had a fairly neat collection that included Egyptian artifacts, period rooms, and even Tiffany stained glass. One of the best things was a room of their overstock items. What a neat room! They also had these twin paintings of the people responsible for the construction of the Brooklyn bridge including Emily Roebling who had to finish the job when Washington A. Roebling got seriously laid up in bed.


After our sojourn at the Brooklyn Art museum, we drove to the area near the play for dinner. We found a Korean place that had pretty tasty food. I really enjoyed the seafood pancake  and this rice ball filled with tuna.

Then it was Then She Fell. It was worth it. Beautiful and heartbreaking. The play can only support 15 people at a time. It’s really a marvel of planning. You don’t get to wander around in the same was as Sleep No More but it works well. It was worth the day trip. I can’t say which is better because while they are more similar than any other play I’ve been to, they are very different. I don’t want to say too much because so much of Then She Fell is about the surprise and the journey.

Notably on the ride home, we heard the Cubs win against the Dodgers to go to the World Series. What a wondrous and magical day!

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