Prague and London: Part 1

Greetings to you all in this new year! I can’t wait to tell you all about the adventures in Prague and London over the past week and a half. We went to many castles, enjoyed warm mead, and even journeyed to an ancestral town!

We began our trip a few days before Christmas in Prague. We were staying relatively near the Old Town Square. As soon as we recovered slightly from our trans-Atlantic trip, we ventured towards Old Town Square. On the way, we found a glorious puppet shop with many handmade puppets including Krampus with his one cloven foot and a regular human foot, a green man with a fish (clearly a local legend), and even Harry Potter. Next door was a beer spa. Yes, a beer spa. I had only learned that these establishments existed about two days before our trip from a coworker. You can bathe in beer while drinking beer…I am not much of a spa person but I would have liked to have done this. Sadly, it was completely booked.


We then continued on our way to the Old Town Square. Many parts of Europe have wonderful Christmas markets in their public places. Prague had a glorious market. There was a tall brightly lit Christmas tree that occasionally played William Tell’s Overture with corresponding lights. There were some live animals that you could pet and feed. Food vendors sold sausages, grilled cheese, trdelinik or Chimney cakes, and hot mead. We tried the latter too. Trdeliniks were like a form of fried dough. You can get them with ice cream or nutella.


The best was the hot mead. It was almond flavored. Warm, sweet and strong. Other vendors sold wood carved items, metal items made from a blacksmith, and much more. It was vibrant and wonderful. We got to see the beautiful Astronomical Clock that puts on a little show on the hour. A window opens and the Apostles stream by, Death rings a bell, and several figures shake their heads as the clock chimes the expected number of hours.


Buildings in the area were beautifully decorated, some looked almost like Wedgewood. What a beautiful city! We had dinner at a local place with Czech fare. I had my first bowl of goulash. I was initially frightened when I opened the lid on my stew to find the smell of raw onions. Once I removed them, the stew was quite tasty. I had some potato dumplings on the side, which were nice and hearty.


A great start to our trip! That’s all for now!


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