Part 5: Prague and London

The next (and last) leg of our trip was several days in London. It has to be one of my favorite cities. I feel like it is a second home. Granted, I lived there for a month in college.

As soon as we got to London proper, we decided to chuck all our stuff and run to the British Museum. After many years of going, things have changed there. Now you have to get in line and go through a tent on the side where your bag is checked. New world we live in. But once inside, we made a beeline to the Egyptian Galleries, always my first stop. I love saying hello to the beautiful bronze cat, tinted green by the Victorians. Then we wandered through the Parthenon marbles that now have brochures about the controversy. Naturally I picked one up and noted that when asked if it was right to have the Parthenon marbles in England. Notably, it points out several other non-Greek museums with the marbles. The everyone else does it defense. Some stone pieces made a point of noting that it was stolen by X army (not British though). You can read the text here:

Anyway, we continued our wanderings upstairs, checking out the Egyptian mummies. There was a lovely exhibition on shadow puppets that we enjoyed. The show had puppets from many different cultures including recent ones where puppets wore tracksuits and had handguns. 

After our museum trip, we ran two essential errands: Fortnum and Masons and Hatchards. Fortnum and Masons is a fancy British department store where the Queen and other members of the royal family go. We go there on each trip because I’m obsessed with their fruit flavored black teas. Compared to the rest of hte store, their teas are relatively inexpensive and I often buy a suitcase of it to go home (Has to last until the next trip). The Christmas windows were pretty amazing and unexpectedly political during this time. Each window brought together two natural enemies: hunter and the wolf, bull and china. Each pairing was happy and positive with a tagline “Together We’re Merrier.”

Next is Hatchards, right next door. It’s one of the finest bookshops in the world. It also supplies the Royal household. They just have a great selection of books including many gems.


We meandered our way back to the hotel, after visiting the large British tourist shop so my husband could stock up. Dinner that evening was delicious Indian food near the hotel.

That’s all for now!


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