Boston 2017

Our next trip was a wondrously busy trip to Boston over Memorial day weekend. We met friends of ours living in and around Boston for three days – each night in a different place! The next few weeks, I’ll talk about our crazy adventures.

We arrived late Friday night to Boston. After throwing our bags in room, we ran off with our friend to check out late night Boston. We took a stroll through the Boston Common and Public Green at 11 o’clock at night. We saw the sculpture erected for the ducks from Make Way For Ducklings. They apparently do put little hats and other apparel on them from time to time.


He took us to Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale. The building was built in 1868 where it has changed hands and functions over the years. It was first Chandler’s Corset Store, then Stoddard’s Fine Cutlery and Home, and now a cocktail bar. It has hints of its former lives – corsets on the walls, metal studs, and even has lamps from the Boston transit system. My “Hotel Trianon” was deceptively sweet and filled with actual fruit. I say deceptively sweet because it really masked the alcohol content!


Afterwards, we ventured to a nearby wine bar that was closing soon. I had some sparkly (as per my custom), catching up nicely with our friend that we staying with (for the night).

The next day, we strolled around the shops of Beacon Hill, notable for their required wooden sign hanging outside. Even the Starbucks and other modern establishments needed such a sign. We found a little shop selling prints and drawings of times gone by that was like a little museum. It had maps of Boston, New England in general, and more.

Our next stop as Cambridge, MA to see a tango show with my friends from graduate school. A quick transit ride took us there and we wandered through the bustling campus (the Harvard commons) to the Harvard Art Museums. Museums because they merged several art museums into one building in the past few years. I have a huge fondness for university museums since they are often gems with unusual things. These museums had an impressive collection for a university museum – Degas, Matisse, Matisse, Franz Marc, etc. They also had a good collection of Chinese ceramics, Islamic art, and Medieval art. This calligraphy piece of Ali ibn Abi Talib signed by Ibrahim Danishpishah Zarinqalam was particularly impressive. What mastery of the craft to create a drawing of a person with words. 1000 words, eh?




IMG_4566Next stop was the tango show with our friends. I was super excited for the show Arribal. It was a tango show about the history of the disappeared in Argentina. I am particularly fond of art and politics! Plus I had lived in Buenos Aires for a month so it felt a little like a homecoming. AT moments, it was very powerful in its depiction of political violence – people being dragged off my cops, hooded. The basic premise was that a father was disappeared by the police and his daughter later tries to find out what happened to him. This is where it got a little odd. She ends up at a tango club owned by her father’s friend because he wants to talk to her. Then there’s a random sex party in the middle of it, which seemed out of place. The writers/choreographers felt that the play also needed to be about her awakening as a woman…or something. Really random and out of tone with the rest of it. But it was still worth seeing; I did have tears in my eyes at moments. But yeah, no random sex parties.

Then it was time to drive out to Westport, MA. Yes, Westport, MA. Our friend’s family has a house there and we were going for a birthday party for a friend. We got into the car and drove the hour and a half to Westport. We passed this wonderful fork in the road. That night, we had a lovely dinner party with friends of the family.


What an excellent first full day!

That’s all for now!


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