New Mexico: Part 4

It was our last day in New Mexico! We started the morning drinking tea and coffee in the gazebo of AirBnB. It was sublime to just listen to that wild landscape. We heard the coyotes howling in the distance, accompanied by the local dogs. Magic.


As we enjoyed the morning, our AirBnB host’s dog came rushing towards us, making my husband extremely delighted. The two of them ran around us, playing and celebrating the beautiful landscape.

It was the perfect way to start the last day.

We had breakfast at Horseman’s Haven, which was as delicious as our other meals. I had the chilaquiles with red sauce (I’m a red sauce girl!). Nice cosy place with good food.

We drove into the center of Santa Fe for a last few things before we went to the airport. We finally got inside the Cathedral, which was delightful. We only had a few minutes before mass began.


Next, we went to the Native American Vendors Program of the Palace of the Governors in the downtown area. There, various vendors set up their booths selling handmade jewelry and other goods. It was a lot of fun walking up and down the market, talking to people about their work. Very beautiful silver pieces. It’s not inexpensive but I found the prices to be good.

We had just enough time to go to the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA), which was near the Cathedral. This was well worth a visit. There were several pieces that blew me away. The first was “StarQuilt” by Wally Dion made from motherboard pieces!23270581_10101368823373810_7830702343642113070_o

The second was “The American Dream is Alle and Well” by Nicolas Galanin. What a powerful statement.

23405979_10101369198821410_5530392881436898427_o I also loved this crocheted AK-47 by Merritt Johnson. There was also an exhibition on Abstract Expressionism, not quite my cup of tea but interesting nonetheless. It’s definitely worth checking out this museum.


Our last stop was a FedEx shop so we could mail our Ristras back home! When we bought them, the vendor told us that there was a chance they wouldn’t last the journey but we were going to try anyway. After all, who doesn’t want to send themselves a massive string of peppers? Happy to report that they made it and are hanging in my kitchen. They may not last too much longer but I’m pretty happy I have them!

That’s all for now! Next time, I’ll talk about our recent trip to Heidelberg, Strasbourg, and London!


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