Winter Trip 2018: Part 3

On Christmas day, we spent time exploring the Alsace Lorraine region. We had been advised to go to Colmar, the city at the center of the wine region.

Colmar turned out to be an astonishing little town. It had beautifully decorated buildings. It was a quite busy for a town on Christmas day. People were out and about, drinking mulled wine, eating candy. I even met an artist who worked in metal that created fun abstract pieces. We also saw some Christmas sheep hanging out and a Christmas tree made of skis.


We took a quick visit to some of the smaller wine towns, which were also astonishingly beautiful. Lunch ended up being my favorite meal in France: a nutella banana crepe eaten while wandering around. I loved seeing the wine fields across the region, sometimes looming over the towns themselves.


When we got back to Strasbourg, we had the most wonderful encounter. We met the Christmas Goat. A man was wandering the street with  a little cart with two very plump white pigeons and a goat named “Lime.” We fell in love with Christmas Goat and attempted to make up a song to celebrate all the wonderful goatiness of Christmas Goat. Sadly, our attempts were not great but here is the famed Christmas Goat. 


That night, we decided to continue our tradition of seeing a movie around Christmas day. We saw The Last Jedi again, which was good fun. Dinner was at a little fish restaurant nearby.

The following day we decided to take a trip into the Black Forest in Germany. We headed out in the opposite direction to Freiburg, a city about an hour away from Strasbourg. The city clearly had been leveled during WWII; many of the buildings were new construction. The cathedral seemed to be older; it felt medieval. Either that or they did a great job reconstructing it.


Lunch was at a bustling restaurant overlooking the cathedral. I had a chestnut soup with prawns, which was extremely rich and delicious. A good solid Christmas meal. We wandered a little bit through town; I found these amazing manhole covers.

Before heading back to Strasbourg, we decided to head to Schiltach, which a guidebook called the prettiest town in the Black Forest. The drive was well worth the trip; we really got to see the Black Forest in all its glory. The town is filled with timber houses and some delightful museums. Most of them were closed since it was the 26th though we popped into a museum of the town’s history that was very interactive. We unfortunately didn’t have a lot of time to hang out but it was a nice little visit.


That night, I had my very first steak tartare. I was over the moon about my meal. The meat had a touch of ginger to it, which was perfect. I had always suspected I would love the dish but never had the guts to order it. Well worth the wait!

That’s all for now!


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