The Sugared Fox: Peeps Oreos


In the next few days leading up to Easter, I will be turning my tastebuds to the wide world of Peeps. There are a lot of products out there paying homage to that fluffy Easter candy. I will start with Peep Oreos and then move on to different flavored Peeps. It’s a Peepapolloza!

Oreos with Marshmallow Peep Flavor Creme


The icing is a light purple color, appropriate for Easter Time. The oreo cookie either has the shape of a Peep or a Bunny Peep on it.

The first bite was disappointing. The flavor of the cookie part overwhelmed the taste of the marshmallow creme. It tasted like a regular Oreo. But when you pull it apart, easily I might add, and take a bite, you can taste the creme better. It’s grainy, which reminds me of a Peep. Otherwise, it’s mostly the same as a regular Oreo.

I don’t think I’ll be buying it again since it wasn’t too different from regular Oreos. BUt it was a nice thought.

Rating: C


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