The Sugared Fox: Lemon Sherbet Peeps

Lemon Sherbet Peep

Name: “Lemon Sherbet Peeps dipped in decadent creme flavored fudge”

Point of Sale: Target

The Peep is a pale yellow in comparison to the typical neon Peep. It smells faintly lemony. The base is covered with creme flavored fudge.

It’s a nice combination. The lemon is not very strong, just a wisp of sour that offsets  the sweetness of the chocolate. The chocolate taste like white chocolate to me. Not sure about the creme flavored fudge. There is the usual graininess of the Peep with the smoothness of the chocolate.

It’s honestly what I expect yellow to taste like in the candy context. I always forget that regular Peeps are just sugar without much flavoring.

Rating: B+



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