The Sugared Fox: Neapolitan Peep

IMG_8105This will be my last Peep related posting for now…

Name: Filled Delights Neapolitan Peep

Point of Sale: Target

Like the Orange Sherbet Peep, I was hit by the smell. But this time it was hard to pinpoint. It almost smelled like marshmallows are supposed to smell like.

This time the packaging promised Neapolitan marshmallow, chocolate filling and white fudge bottom.  When eating these Peeps, I start with the head to get the full taste of the marshmallow portion without the fudge. Like the smell, I couldn’t pinpoint it. Almost strawberry, perhaps?

Once the head was off, I could see the chocolate filling. However, at the time, I didn’t know it was filled. I thought it was cherry flavored since I always associate Neapolitans with maraschino cherry. With the fudge and the filling, it kinda approximated ice cream.

It definitely didn’t taste like the original Peep, which in my book is a good thing. But it wasn’t as good as either the Orange Sherbet or the Yellow Sherbet of late.

That’s all for now!



Rating: B



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