The Sugared Fox: Cinnamon Bun Oreos


Now that Easter is past us, my teeth can start healing from Peepapoloza. Now we return to the wonderful world of Oreos and Kit Kats.

Name: Cinnamon Bun Oreos

Point of Sale: Target

Target is an impressive place of novelty flavored candy and cookies. When I went to the cookie aisle, I was impressed by the sheer number of Oreo flavors at my disposal. They had Red Velvet which is my personal favorite but I decided to venture into the cinnamony unknown.

When I opened the Cinnamon Bun Oreo container, the smell of Cinnamon wafted into my nose. I love cinnamon and can’t get enough of it.

The cookie portion is yellow like graham cracker. Biting into the cookie, I was initially underwhelmed. It tasted vaguely of cinnamon. But then the creminess kicked in and I instantly thought of cinnamon buns. Oh yeah…the name. Well done, Oreo.

It’s pretty good but not as tasty as the Red Velvet Oreos of old. Mind you, I haven’t had a Red Velvet Oreo in years so it may be the taste of nostalgia factoring into my opinion. I could see eating these pleasantly. Much improved over the Peep flavored ones.

Rating: B+



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