NYC in Spring: 2018

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted. Life! Writing! Adventure! I’ve been sick so I’ve taken a pause on eating sugary treats. But I have some fun ones coming up once I can breathe again!

Until then, I’ll talk about my recent brief trip to NYC.

After arriving to NYC late at night, I woke up to the Green Market in Union Square. I love staying in the Union Square area. I like the neighborhood feeling. It was early spring but the market was bustling. Flowers ablaze, all sorts of delightful smells and sights. And as always, I didn’t have any cash on me so no partaking aside from the sights.

After an unfortunate mediocre breakfast with a wonderful good friend, we headed up to the Met. I had seen notices of an exhibition on gold in the Ancient Americas that I was keen to see. It was well worth it. The exhibition started in BC in lower Peru/Northern Chile and went through to the Conquest in Mexico. The collection was astonishing. They had several textiles made from bird feathers, which are astonishing. Years ago, there was an exhibition on Aztec art at the Royal Academy of Art in London that displayed an incredible feathered shield. I remember the placard saying that while the Spaniards were plundering the gold and other precious medals, the Aztecs were destroying their feathered shields and other textiles because that was what they really valued. There were allegedly only four feathered shields in existence. (I’ve seen 2-3). So I had no idea that other Mesoamerican cultures had there own, which is silly to think. So that was really special. There were these recently discovered wall hangings made of blue and yellow macaw feathers. Astonishing!

We were all pleased that there was a half room dedicated to the Moche civilization (1 CE – 800 CE) in Peru. I’ve talked before about how I love their incredible pottery. This exhibition had many other goods, including giant beads, and other metalwork. Like their ceramics, their metalworking is astonishing. Also, they really like spiders, seeing them as akin to warriors. Very cool if not creepy. Also, a lot of the metal work was hammered, not cast…except some cultures in Colombia region. So that’s fascinating.

Well worth checking out!

We also saw these Cameroon crests, which were fascinating and troubling. Apparently these are four in existence. Two are in private collections and one is the Met’s. Questions about acquisition inevitably pop up.

Cameroon Crest

We ate at the museum for lunch, which was not great. They turned this restaurant that had a great view of the park into a takeaway lunch thing. The original restaurant was not cheap but it had better food. 0 for 2 on this trip!

We met up with my husband and mother at the Guggenheim and had a lovely little stroll through Central Park. While it was early spring, it was nice to feel the breeze and see the beginnings of life. It’s always about 2 weeks ahead in NYC than Chicago. We even got to check out the Alice in Wonderland sculpture by one of the man-made lakes. Someday, we’ll have time to rent a little boat to maneuver on it.

Afterwards, we went back to Union Square. I made my usual errand to Milk Bar to pick up my beloved truffle balls. I always go when I’m in NYC. The hole in the wall branch near Union Square only had two flavors, but it was still worth it!

That’s all for now! Next time, I’ll talk about our adventure at hidden bar, Please Don’t Tell.


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