The Sugared Fox: Raspberry Flavored Candy

Today, I’m going to talk about two candies that make use of raspberry flavoring.


Name: Raspberry M&Ms

Point of Sale: Walgreens

I was surprised as you were when I saw them at my local Walgreens. But raspberry candy is my jam so I had to try them.

The M&Ms are irregularly shaped and some are larger than your typical M&M. The colors are white, brown, and red. There is the Red M&M who has a leaf on his head that kinda looks like a laurel crown. I keep thinking it’s a M&M dressed as Julius Caesar. Anyway, that’s probably just me.

They were delicious. You definitely got the taste of artificial raspberry and chocolate. I honestly had to stop myself from eating them.

After I tasted my first few, I realized the package said “Vote.” I learned that there is a content until May 25th. The other two flavors are Espresso and Mint. I haven’t tried either. Mint is a maybe but I don’t like coffee.

Rating: A


Name: Raspberry flavored Kit Kat

Point of Sale: Korean Supermarket

Full disclosure. These are my favorite Kit Kats that I can find in the states. So I knew what to expect when I tried them for this series.

The exterior is a pale pink; perhaps, we could even call it Millennial Pink? The pink had little darker pink specks, probably resembling the mottled surface of a raspberry.

A single bite reveals delicious artificial raspberry. So good. So much better than the strawberry for some reason.

I will totally buy these any chance I find them.

Rating: A


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