The Sugared Fox: Cherry Coke Oreos

Name: Cherry Coke Oreos with Popping Candy

Point of Sale: Target

This was a fun one to eat and share. People were shocked that such a thing existed. Welcome to the new world of snack foods, my friends.

When I first opened the package, the smell of soda pop wafted up my nose. The cookies were fascinating to look at – half bright red and white. Pop rocks were embedded in both colors of creme.

The taste was really weird…of something. My colleague proffered that it was the best taste of cough syrup. I think that is apt. The popping candy were delightful but I knew that from the Fireworks Oreos from a few weeks ago. Everyone who tried it commented with joy on the popping candy part.

It was okay to eat but the cookie left residue on my tongue. Something chemically that reminded me of the very smoggy days in Beijing. I had to chase it down with one of the delicious pineapple coconut Hershey kisses. This was not a winner for me.

Ratings: C-



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