The Sugared Fox: Kettle Corn Oreos


IMG_9223Name: Kettle Corn Oreos

Point of Sale: Target

Full disclosure. I don’t love kettle corn. I’m a little mystified at the notion of sweet popcorn. But that’s just me. I was still curious to try these Oreos though I was a bit wary after the Cherry Coke Oreos.

When I opened the box, I got a large whiff of buttery creaminess. The cookies are graham crackery and the creme seems overstuffed. As for the taste, it seems creamier than a regular Oreo. Occasionally, there are little “puffed millet pieces” that give a tiny change of pace. I don’t think these scream kettle corn to me but the aftertaste was much better. Not great but no chemical taste of the Cherry Coke.

There seems to be some popularity contest between the Kettle Corn Oreos, Cherry Coke Oreos and Pina Colada Oreos. That means I have to track down the Pina Colada ones. We’ll see how they compare with the Pineapple Coconut Hershey Kisses!

Rating: B



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