The Sugared Fox: More Oreos

Rocky Road Trip Oreo

I’m definitely in an Oreo kind of mood these days. So today I’ll be reviewing two Oreos: Rocky Road Trip and Lemon Thins.

Name: Rocky Road Trip Oreos

Point of Sale: Target

Rocky Road Trip is part of their ice cream flavored Oreo series. There’s a Strawberry Shortcake that I couldn’t bring myself to try (yet). I don’t like artificial Strawberry Shortcake flavoring. But I might revisit it if I can find a package.

When I opened the package, I wasn’t blown away by the smell like I had with many of the other Oreos I’ve been reviewing. The frosting is mostly brown with occasional bits of Soy and marshmallow in it. The taste is okay. It’s more chocolate flavored with an occasional burst of something other, either soy nut (instead of peanuts) or dried marshmallow. The cookie was your typical blackish brown color with occasional white specks, which made it look kinda messy. Overall, it was not great but not terrible.

Rating: B

Name: Lemon Thin Oreo

Point of Sale: Unknown

Someone got into the Oreo experimentation spirit and left these out so naturally I tried it. I have seen the lemon and mint flavored Oreos but hadn’t gotten around to them. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the thin Oreos as it is. But this was a delightful surprise.. I could definitely taste the lemon. The golden cookie was a nice complement. I would like to try the regular Lemon ones.

Rating: A-



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