Winter Trip 2018: Part 8

January 1st was our last full day on the trip. Sad panda. But we made it count! We started our day at the Victoria and Albert. I’ve mentioned previously about my recent love of this museum. As a kid, I found the museum exceedingly dull but a combination of rebranding and maturity (on my part) […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 7

It was the final day of 2017. And we were going to see street art. I have previously talked about the great walking tour company London Walks. We try to take a tour every time we are in London. This time, we were leaving zone 1 to head into Shoreditch and Brick Lane. We were […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 6

Our trip in London continued. On the Saturday, we spent time on the outer ring of London. Since it was Saturday, it was the day for the Portobello Road market. It starts in Zone 1 but then you end up in Zone 2. I love the hustle and bustle of outdoors markets.There’s a booth to […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 5

The following day was my talk and a trip to Greenwich. Sir Hans Sloane We started that day at the local college to give lectures on various topics to the Loyola law students. I’ve been talking about something historically relevant to the area for the last six year. This time, I talked about the complicated […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 4

We were in London. The best city (after Chicago). Regular readers of this blog know my love for that city. Samuel Johnson once said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” Too true. No matter how long I am there and how many things we do, there’s so much left […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 3

On Christmas day, we spent time exploring the Alsace Lorraine region. We had been advised to go to Colmar, the city at the center of the wine region. Colmar turned out to be an astonishing little town. It had beautifully decorated buildings. It was a quite busy for a town on Christmas day. People were […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 2

Strasbourg prizes itself as the “Capital of Christmas.” And I have to say, I think they’ve got something going there. The sheer number of decorations and the ubiquity of Christmas markets were quite impressive. In the center of town, each shop had a display above their sign. Many used large stuffed animals. My favorites were […]

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