Ireland: Part 1

For the next few weeks, I’ll talk about our week long driving tour of Ireland. It was a week of art, hiking, and lots of Irish music. Everything a girl could want. Our trip started with a few days in Dublin. We arrived early on Saturday and took the bus into the city. It dropped […]

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Prague and London: Part 3

Christmas day! What a glorious thing to experience in other countries. Prague was hopping on Christmas day. People were on the streets (at least in Old Town) and many more shops and restaurants were open than I was expecting. Our first stop was the Jewish quarter of Prague since we knew that it would be […]

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Part 13: France and England

Then it was our very last day of the trip. We had one final day in England so we decided to take a day trip to Cambridge. My husband had never been there. I had gone in 2003 as part of a high school band and chorus trip. I remember that it was a wondrous […]

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Best Concerts 2014

I’m going to try something new. I’m going to talk about music. I haven’t really done a lot with this since I wasn’t sure I knew how to talk about music. But I’ll give it a try for my top nine list of best concerts of the year. In no particular order: Carolina Chocolate Drops at […]

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Review: 1925 Ben Hur

On Tuesday, I went to see 1925 production of Ben Hur with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Stephen Copeland, formerly of the Police. As readers of my blog know, I’m a big fan of silent films and will take any opportunity to see silent films on the large screen. It’s so much more fun that […]

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Nickel Creek

Yesterday, I did something that I never thought I’d do. I went to Taste of Chicago. It’s been at least twenty years since I’ve been. I had built it up as this thing that only tourists do in Chicago. I was really young when I last went but I remember crowds, sticky hot days, and […]

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Downtown Sound

To continue my love song to summer concerts and theater, I’m going to talk about Downtown Sound. It’s a wonderful musical program at Millennium Park every Monday night for about two months in the summer. Bands of different genres, like folk, rap, and rock, play a free concert in the Pritzker band shell. People can […]

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