The Sugared Fox: Tiramisu Oreos

Name (Probably): Tiramisu Oreos Point of Sale: Beijing Convenience Store I found these Oreos in a Beijing Convenience store near the Forbidden City. I think they are intended to be Tiramisu from the picture on the box and the taste. But as you can see, the title is in Chinese. As I suspected from the […]

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The Sugared Fox: Fireworks Oreos

  Name: Fireworks Oreos Point of Sale: Target Great start to the summer season? Oreos with popping candy inside! When you take the cookie out the package, the expected colors are there: black cookie and white filling. The filling has flecks of red and blue. At first bite, it tastes like a regular Oreo cookie. […]

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The Sugared Fox: Neapolitan Peep

This will be my last Peep related posting for now… Name: Filled Delights Neapolitan Peep Point of Sale: Target Like the Orange Sherbet Peep, I was hit by the smell. But this time it was hard to pinpoint. It almost smelled like marshmallows are supposed to smell like. This time the packaging promised Neapolitan marshmallow, […]

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