The Sugared Fox: Neapolitan Peep

This will be my last Peep related posting for now… Name: Filled Delights Neapolitan Peep Point of Sale: Target Like the Orange Sherbet Peep, I was hit by the smell. But this time it was hard to pinpoint. It almost smelled like marshmallows are supposed to smell like. This time the packaging promised Neapolitan marshmallow, […]

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The Sugared Fox: Peeps Oreos

In the next few days leading up to Easter, I will be turning my tastebuds to the wide world of Peeps. There are a lot of products out there paying homage to that fluffy Easter candy. I will start with Peep Oreos and then move on to different flavored Peeps. It’s a Peepapolloza! Oreos with […]

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The Sugared Fox: Strawberry Kit Kats

Peep flavored oreos. Cotton candy peeps. Rum Raisin Kit-Kats. Raspberries Skittles. So many new and interesting flavors on the candy and cookie market today. I wanna try them all. I love sweets.  I love chocolates, gummies, and cookies. I have an enormous sweet tooth. This will be my journey through these new interpretations of the […]

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