NYC in Spring: 2018 Part 3

Our second day in NYC was filled with Tiffany glass, delicious cheese, art installations, and magic. We began our morning by going to the NYC Historical Society in the west side, next to the Natural History Museum. I don’t believe I’ve ever been there before but it was worth it. What blew my mind was […]

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Wisconsin Adventures: Part 2

Before I talk about our last day adventuring in Wisconsin, I’m going to plug a small project I just worked on. As some of you know, I have been trying to participate in the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Short Docs competition for the past few years. This year, they teamed up with Manual Cinema […]

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Wisconsin Adventures: Part 1

Now to regularly scheduled programming: In early April, my bf and I decided to take a little trip to Madison/Milwaukee. We drove up on Saturday morning on one of those classic crazy Midwest weather days. For the entire drive to Madison, it alternatively hailed, snowed, then cleared to a wonderful sunny day. We were staying […]

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Part 5: Spring in NYC

Then it was our last day in New York. It was a bright and beautiful Easter day. We had a lovely breakfast at Les Halles and then walked back to the hotel. On the way home, we wandered by Gramercy Park. It’s a tiny private park, more of a postage stamp than park, which looked […]

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Part 2: Day trip to Milwaukee

After the museum, we decided to check out the Domes or Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. When we got to the parking lot, these three giant domes rose before us. It was simply incredible to see these structures. We went in to find that the place had closed at 4 (we were there at 4:15) but […]

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The Food of France

So I’ve talked about the things we did in France. Now I’m going to talk a little bit about the food. I know I’ve talked about crepes and hot chocolate but there are other amazing foods of France. Provencal food in particular is one of my favorite cuisines. I think it has to do with […]

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