Top Books of 2015

Since it is nearing the end of the year, I’m going to spend a few blog posts talking about the best media I’ve read/seen this year. It won’t be a top ten list because some media will have more than 10 and some will have fewer. From these lists, I will exclude movies and books […]

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Washington, DC in July: Part 3

Now I’ll talk about the second half of the museums we enjoyed on July 4th in DC. OUr next stop was the National Museum of American Indian.I had never been to this museum before. In front there was a Peruvian folk festival that had food, music, and artisanal crafts. It was really neat to see […]

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May in Washington DC: Part 1

Our next trip was Washington DC. We were there for a wedding but we spent all of our free time visiting museums and hiking. Overall, it was a good trip but the first day of the trip was a bit more exciting than we had originally anticipated. It started a bit rough when our checked […]

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Newberry Library Exhibit

Yesterday, I got to spend a little more time at the Newberry Library’s “Home Front: Daily Life in the Civil War North.” It’s a collection of printed materials, paintings, sheet music, letters and more from the Civil War. I’m not the biggest Civil War buff but I did enjoy it because it showed some alternative […]

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Newberry Library and Civil War Music

Newberry Library is another one of those  classic Chicago places. It’s an independent library that has an amazing collection, which includes the famous Mayan text, the Popal Vuh, the Mike Royko letter collection, and wondrous maps. They are also known for their genealogical collection. You can’t take any books home but you can get a […]

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