Honeymoon: Part 5

It was the day to visit Nessie. We decided to drive through Glen Coe, a region described by the book as “beautiful if the weather was nice, harrowing if it isn’t.” What a description! So many people advised us to go, it was a must. It was stunning. I think it was more of a […]

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Honeymoon: Part 4

On our fourth day, we were going to hiking. The weather on our trip had been perfect so far. But looking at the forecast and the reputation of Scotland, I feared that the rains would come in and blow away my enthusiasm for hiking. Little did we know that we had come at the perfect […]

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Part 2: San Francisco

After a delightful wedding with dear friends, we spent our Sunday adventuring in San Francisco. We started the day with breakfast at a Chinese restaurant in Oakland’s Chinatown. We all had congee, a sort of rice oatmeal, with various meats and vegetables. But the best thing was a wonderful dish of pork skin with fish […]

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May in Washington DC: Part 1

Our next trip was Washington DC. We were there for a wedding but we spent all of our free time visiting museums and hiking. Overall, it was a good trip but the first day of the trip was a bit more exciting than we had originally anticipated. It started a bit rough when our checked […]

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Part 2: San Francisco

On our second day in San Francisco, we ventured back to Chinatown for dim sum. I’ll talk about dim sum at a later time. When we were there, they were setting up for the Autumn Moon Festival. Up and down the main drag in Chinatown, there were booths selling various goods including moon cakes, kites, […]

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Starved Rock State Park

This weekend, we also trekked out to Starved Rock State Park near Ottawa, IL. It’s about a 1 hour and forty minute drive from Chicago. It was wonderful. In my late 20s, I discovered that I really like hiking. As a city girl, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to hike when I was […]

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Part 3: Hiking in Wales

So there was one hike that I forgot to mention in my brief series of Hikes in Wales. On our very first night, we drove out to the Welsh town Llangollen (pronounced Clan-gloughlin). The town is next to a river near green soaring hills. There are canals where you can actually be towed by a […]

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