Boston 2017: Part 3

We awoke to our third and final day in Cambridge. For those of you keeping count, that is a different place each night. Our first night was in Boston, second in Westport, and third in Cambridge. And as luck would have it, we spent our first day in Cambridge and our final day in Boston! […]

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NYC in June: Part 1

So after my adventures in NY and DC, I was back to NYC for a few days. This time, it was for a work conference where I was presenting a panel. The conference was situated in the heart of Time Square, which was a rather new experience for me. The hotel was part of the […]

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Macy’s Flower Show 2015

It’s that amazing time of year again. One of my favorite commercial events is going on: The Macy’s Flower show. I’ve talked about it last year but it bears mentioning again. For about two weeks in the spring, Macy’s puts together these incredible flower displays in their windows and the 9th floor. It’s a great […]

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Day 12: France and England

On our first full day in Paris, I convinced my fiancé that we needed to go to the Musée de L’Orangerie. He’s a huge fan of Monet and had never been to this museum. We had gone to Musée D’Orsay the prior year. But I knew L’Orangerie was one of those museums that was super popular […]

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Part 2: New York, New York

In addition to “Death Becomes Her”, I was keen to see “Matisse Cut Outs” at the MOMA. I had read a little about the exhibition in the Chicago Tribune. There was some talk of recreating some rooms that he had made using his cut out technique. That was particularly exciting for me. I always like […]

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