Boston 2017: Part 3

We awoke to our third and final day in Cambridge. For those of you keeping count, that is a different place each night. Our first night was in Boston, second in Westport, and third in Cambridge. And as luck would have it, we spent our first day in Cambridge and our final day in Boston! […]

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Part 8: France and England

This is part 2 of our adventures at Hampton Court, a Tudor palace. I was very keen on hearing some period music while we were there. Some of the historical reenactments mentioned musicians so I was bound and determined to listen to something medieval. I wanted to go medieval on that bass. (Sorry, I couldn’t help). […]

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Best Concerts 2014

I’m going to try something new. I’m going to talk about music. I haven’t really done a lot with this since I wasn’t sure I knew how to talk about music. But I’ll give it a try for my top nine list of best concerts of the year. In no particular order: Carolina Chocolate Drops at […]

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City Alive with Dreams Concert

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the tremendous project by Carron Little called “City Alive with Dreams.” It is a multi-faceted project based on interviews about people’s nighttime dreams that she conducted on a weekly basis for at least a year. She wrote poetry based on the interviews and they were turned into wondrous songs. […]

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Review: White Snake

I went to see the Chinese fable White Snake at the Goodman Theatre. I really enjoyed it. The play was full of music and delight. I would recommend seeing it. The story is about a White Snake who was searching for Enlightenment. She studied for thousands of years and developed magical powers. One restless evening, […]

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Part 3: Hiking in Wales

So there was one hike that I forgot to mention in my brief series of Hikes in Wales. On our very first night, we drove out to the Welsh town Llangollen (pronounced Clan-gloughlin). The town is next to a river near green soaring hills. There are canals where you can actually be towed by a […]

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Symphony of Chicago

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I recently discovered the delights of Roman Mars’ radio program 99% Invisible. For those who haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s a program about design, architecture; basically, it’s about the small or large details that people thought about putting together that one normally misses. For […]

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