Part 1: Spring in Manhattan

I’m going to return for the next few weeks ago to my travel adventures. Stay tuned for more interviews with street artists! Now I’ll talk about our amazing trip to NY, NY over Easter weekend. It was full of speakeasys, friends and family, and art. What else can one ask for! The trip began with […]

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Best Movies of 2016

Now I’m going to talk about my favorite movies I saw this year. To qualify, the movie must have been seen in a movie theater. So I have also included movies here that are not new but reshown (usually at the Music Box or Gene Siskel) Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict This documentary talks about the […]

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Guggenheim and the Futurists

My next stop was the Solomon Guggenheim in its fantastic Frank Lloyd Wright designed spiral building. I haven’t been to the Guggenheim in years though I always go to the Peggy Guggenheim when I’m in Venice. Go figure. Also, if we are going to talk about morally questionable art institutions, the Guggenheim is getting a […]

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Part 1: “Travel” Books

I’m just about finished with Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland, a historical novel set in turn of the century NY about Tiffany studios. It is in the perspective of Clara Driscoll, a Tiffany glass designer and head of the Tiffany Studio’s Women’s Glass Cutting Department. She may be the one responsible for designing […]

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