The Amazing Geoffroy Mottart

I had the pleasure of speaking with Belgium artist, Geoffroy Mottart about his floral works. He places beards and wigs made of vibrant colors on public statues. With the generous French translation help of Carmen Kingsley, here is our interview. ES: How would you describe your work? GM: I style statues with floral compositions, because […]

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Day 13: France and England

The following morning, we went to see the Cirque d’Hiver, the Winter Circus, in Paris. This was our second time there. While I’ve been to Paris countless times before, I had never known about Cirque d’Hiver until my tight wire teacher told us about it over a year ago. Now, it’s on our Must-Dos in […]

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Part 2: Argentina

On this trip, I really wanted to go to the Buenos Aires zoo. I love animals. I watch a lot of animal documentaries and love going to the Lincoln Park Zoo here in Chicago. I should have gone to the zoo when I lived in Buenos Aires but I was foolish. I told myself, “Why should I […]

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The Way of the Shovel

This week, I went to see “The Way of the Shovel,” an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It wasn’t quite what I had expected. I had thought it was going to be more about archeology itself rather than a reimaging of art as archeology. Or as the  exhibition explains, it “imagines the art […]

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