Part 6: Namibia

On our third day, we decided to opt for a special drive: the Cheetah Walk. This was the only drive where we had a different guide. Going into this, we thought that we’d go for a stroll on a road with a cheetah. We were a tad mistaken. The cheetah walk meant tracking the cheetah […]

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Part 5: Namibia

We set off for our afternoon drive. Just outside the gates of the lodge, there was a small colony of meerkats. Three of them. They were so adorable. They came out to check out the truck. At different points, all three of them ended up underneath the parked truck, which was a bit nerve-wracking. One […]

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Part 4: Namibia

On our second day, our morning drive was initially filled with birds. We had companions in the jeep who were bona fide birdwatchers. We slowed down a little bit and took a longer time to look at the birds. At one point, we came across storks wading in a pond early in the morning. It […]

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Part 3: Namibia

We went out on our first drive at Erindi. It was absolutely incredible. It was a bit of an adjustment since we had to wake up rather early for the 6:30 drive. We quickly ate some food at 6:00am, watched the sunrise up over the watering hole at 6:15, and were ready in the jeep […]

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Part 2: Namibia

The flight to Windhoek was short and mostly uneventful. Some flights required a bus to take you to the plane. As we were settling in our seats, another bus load of people came in. After about five minutes, an announcement came on “Please check your tickets. If you are going to Zimbabwe, you are on […]

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Part 1: Namibia

After many weeks of anticipation… I’m going to talk about our amazing African Safari. Yes, back in January, my fiance and I went with two of our friends to Erindi Private Game Reserve in Namibia. It was one of the best things that I’ve done. Seriously. I can’t think about much else these days but […]

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Day 13: France and England

The following morning, we went to see the Cirque d’Hiver, the Winter Circus, in Paris. This was our second time there. While I’ve been to Paris countless times before, I had never known about Cirque d’Hiver until my tight wire teacher told us about it over a year ago. Now, it’s on our Must-Dos in […]

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