Winter Trip 2018: Part 3

On Christmas day, we spent time exploring the Alsace Lorraine region. We had been advised to go to Colmar, the city at the center of the wine region. Colmar turned out to be an astonishing little town. It had beautifully decorated buildings. It was a quite busy for a town on Christmas day. People were […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 2

Strasbourg prizes itself as the “Capital of Christmas.” And I have to say, I think they’ve got something going there. The sheer number of decorations and the ubiquity of Christmas markets were quite impressive. In the center of town, each shop had a display above their sign. Many used large stuffed animals. My favorites were […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 1

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to talk about our recent trip to Germany, France, and England over Christmas and New Year’s. There was much joyous exploration, beautiful and thought-provoking art, and a lot of great plays. Our trip began in Germany with a flight into Frankfurt airport a few days before Christmas. […]

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New Mexico: Part 4

It was our last day in New Mexico! We started the morning drinking tea and coffee in the gazebo of AirBnB. It was sublime to just listen to that wild landscape. We heard the coyotes howling in the distance, accompanied by the local dogs. Magic. As we enjoyed the morning, our AirBnB host’s dog came […]

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