Part 8: France and England

The next day was largely a travel day to London via Chunnel. I actually do prefer trains to planes because it’s a lot less of a hassle. Plus you leave from the center of the city (usually) and arrive in the center of the city. I wish we had the fast trains in the US. […]

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France and England: Part 7

It was the day of the Louis Vuitton Foundation. A year ago, the Foundation had opened. It’s a collection of contemporary art in a building designed by Frank Gehry in the outskirts of Paris. You had to reserve tickets. Last time we were in Paris, the only available ticket times were at the same time […]

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France and England: Part 6

The following day, we started at the Louvre. I discovered that my husband had never been (never said a word!) so I decided to rectify this oversight. We bought tickets in advance, which was the right call, especially for the Louvre. We got there close to when it opened and there was already a line […]

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France and England: Part 5

Christmas day in Paris! We had a late start in the morning since it was Christmas day. We spent the morning just wandering around the city. Mostly everything was closed but people were out and about. We went to Luxembourg gardens nearby and enjoyed the little bit of nature. The grass was still green, which […]

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France and England: Part 4

The next day, we flew to Paris for Christmas Eve. We got there early enough so it was still fairly busy but all the shops would close early. Our first stop was the little Christmas market at St. Germain de Pres. It’s a staple of our Christmas visits. Several little booths sell various goods including […]

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France and England: Part 3

Then it was our last day in Nice! We spent the morning in Nice, wandering around the city. We tried to go to the Chagall Museum, which I remember being quiet good. (I don’t have good memories of the Matisse Museum). However, when we got there, we discovered that it was closed the entire we […]

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