The Sugared Fox: Peeps Oreos

In the next few days leading up to Easter, I will be turning my tastebuds to the wide world of Peeps. There are a lot of products out there paying homage to that fluffy Easter candy. I will start with Peep Oreos and then move on to different flavored Peeps. It’s a Peepapolloza! Oreos with […]

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The Sugared Fox: Strawberry Kit Kats

Peep flavored oreos. Cotton candy peeps. Rum Raisin Kit-Kats. Raspberries Skittles. So many new and interesting flavors on the candy and cookie market today. I wanna try them all. I love sweets.  I love chocolates, gummies, and cookies. I have an enormous sweet tooth. This will be my journey through these new interpretations of the […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 8

January 1st was our last full day on the trip. Sad panda. But we made it count! We started our day at the Victoria and Albert. I’ve mentioned previously about my recent love of this museum. As a kid, I found the museum exceedingly dull but a combination of rebranding and maturity (on my part) […]

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Winter Trip 2018: Part 7

It was the final day of 2017. And we were going to see street art. I have previously talked about the great walking tour company London Walks. We try to take a tour every time we are in London. This time, we were leaving zone 1 to head into Shoreditch and Brick Lane. We were […]

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