Puppy and Horn

It’s been quite a two weeks! Been traveling a lot. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll talk about my adventures in Washington DC and NYC (yes, again). But I wanted to mention that my piece about puppy and horn was debuted at Third Coast International Audio Festival‘s Listening Event on Wednesday night as a local feature. I’m […]

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ShortDocs Challenge

I’ve talked about my love of Third Coast International Audio Festival before. Well, they are having their 2015 Short Docs competition where people are asked to produce stories with certain rules. This year’s theme is “Studs Rules” after the amazing Studs Terkel. Pieces have to be 2-3 minutes, the title has to start with a […]

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Nancy Updike

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to hear Nancy Updike of This American Life at the Third Coast international Audio Festival’s annual conference. I’ve always wanted to go to the conference but could never justify the fees or day off for the three-day conference. This year, they decided to open up the last session to […]

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Battle of the Bands

Earlier this week, I went to the“Battle of the Bands and the Beers.” It was orchestral Chicago Sinfonietta facing off against punk marching band, Mucca Pazza, at the Chicago Symphony Center. There was also a beer tasting by Two Brothers Brewery. I was there because of Mucca Pazza. I love them. I’m extremely fond of […]

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Review: The Girls in the Band

Last night, I went to see The Girls in the Band, a documentary about female jazz musicians at the Gene Siskel Film Center. It was absolutely inspiring. It focused largely of the women in the golden age of jazz in the 1930s and 1940s but it talked about the present day. Until I read this […]

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