NYC in Spring: 2018

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted. Life! Writing! Adventure! I’ve been sick so I’ve taken a pause on eating sugary treats. But I have some fun ones coming up once I can breathe again! Until then, I’ll talk about my recent brief trip to NYC. After arriving to NYC late at night, […]

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New Mexico: Part 2

Meow Wolf was worth the trip. Regular readers of this blog know how I feel about immersive art experiences. This bowling alley turned art space delivered. I’ll try to not reveal too many of the secrets but be forewarned. When we pulled into the Meow Wolf parking lot, I could already tell that we had […]

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Part 3: Spring in Manhattan

The following day began at the Met, one of my favorite museums. It’s got an incredible collection but is rather overwhelming. I try to get into my head that we are only going to visit a few things because seeing the entire museum would be impossible. Our first stop was a Seurat and circus exhibit. […]

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China and Cambodia: Part 13

Then the final day of our trip was upon us. We had most of the day in Phnom Penh before it was time to make our journey back home. Our first stop was the National Museum of Cambodia. What a lovely museum! The first hall is filled with all sizes of bronzes, which is pretty […]

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China and Cambodia: Part 9

After our wanderings through Angkor Wat, we moved on to another archaeological site in the Angkor Wat area known as Angkor Thom. There’s a series of several temples and the Elephant terrace. We spent several hours wandering around the area. It’s really impressive. I have to saw that i liked even better than Angkor Wat. […]

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China and Cambodia: Part 2

The following morning, we were up super early because of the jet lag. But that was okay. We walked around some more in our neighborhood. There was a bakery where we got little baked balls of red bean and egg that was quite delicious. I am obsessed with red bean and have been since high […]

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Day 5: France and England

Before I discuss the Middle Temple and my talk on the Savoy hotel, I’m going to talk about the British Museum at little bit more.  My fiancé’s favorite part of the museum is a series of rooms that strives to give viewers a sense of what the museum may have looked like back in the day. […]

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Lawsuits and Antiquities

So as some of you know, I have a fascination with antiquities and repatriation issues. In other words, I find the debate/controversy over whether ancient artifacts should be returned to their host country. Last week, there was an important decision that came down by a federal judge about Persian artifacts held at the Oriental Institute […]

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The Met and Antiquities

On this most recent NY trip, I also went to the Metropolitan Museum, a vast sprawling complex with incredible collection. It’s probably one of my favorite museums in the world (but not number 1, that’s the British Museum). One of my area interest that I casually study is the ethics of antiquities. I find the […]

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