Top 2018 Comics

2018 was a good time for comics. Here are third lists of comics. The first are series or one-offs trades or full-books that I came across for the first time. The second are new series that I think are only available as floppies. The third are series that I’ve been reading for years and are […]

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Best Comics of 2017

Now that I have talked about my favorite books of the year, I’m going to turn to my favorite comic books of the year. It’s a silly distinction between the two but there were too many books on both lists for one post. So enjoy my favorite books of the year including superheroes (!) and […]

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Writing about Books

Good day my fellow readers! I’m excited that I have published two posts with amazing website Book Riot. The first is about how I grew to love superhero comics and the second are 5 books about surreal workplaces. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Book Riot Community. Please check out the posts here: […]

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Superheroes and Book Riot

I’m very thrilled that my first post for Book Riot has gone up. I’m extremely excited to share with you all how I learned to love superhero comics with a special nod to Squirrel Girl. Please check it out: That’s all for now!

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Top Books of 2016

Every year, I like to come up with a list of the top books I’ve read for the year. Every year, it’s a mix of fiction and nonfiction, recently published books and older works, and comics. I don’t try to limit it to ten books because I may have read many more amazing works. Below […]

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Art Spiegelman’s Wordless

This past Saturday, I went to see Art Spiegelman at the University of Chicago. He’s one of my favorite cartoonists; he wrote Maus which is an incredibly moving work about the Holocaust. I had missed him in the past when he spoke at UC so I wasn’t going to miss it this time. He gave […]

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